Custom-Crafted Songs with a Purpose

I find it deeply inspiring to create music that helps others express their love, appreciation, or care for others. E-mail me if you would like to commission a song.  Visit my lullaby shop for lullaby commissions.

Kercheval's SongDane Leigh

I wrote this song for my former high school volleyball & softball coach, Lynn Kercheval, to honor her - the best coach of all time - at her retirement party in Houston, TX in 2018.

"Play Me" CoverNeil Diamond/Dane Leigh

I did this arrangement of my parents' favorite love song, from the woman's perspective, shortly after my mom's passing, as a gift to my dad on their wedding anniversary.

Kohen's LullabyDane Leigh

A lullaby client asked me to gift a lullaby to the family of a little boy, Baby Kohen, who was fighting for his life against bacterial meningitis, which he caught when he was 6 weeks old due to exposure to the flood waters of the Baton Rouge hurricane.

Baby AngelDane Leigh

I wrote this song shortly after losing my mom, who always called me "Baby Angel," in memory of a close friend's and a special cousin's loss of their infant babies. It was a way to grieve their losses and mine at the same time, full of love, full of sorrow, full of maternity toward all who are suffering...