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     I came to composition from a passion for piano improvisation. After a degree in piano performance, culminating in a dissertation-performance of Debussy's Estampes, I ultimately decided to honor my passion for creating music and my dislike of the stage, and abandon performance. I did another dissertation on Debussy at Paris 8 and then returned to the U.S. for an M.A. in analytic philosophy. I proceeded to teach philosophy while continuing to pursue composition and was briefly talked into performing some original songs, the highlight of which was performing at Jane Siberry's 2012 Houston show. My only song album was on sale in 2015, but has since been freely available on this site.

     I have spent time learning from some wonderful, talented people, including Hseuh-Yung Shen (Nadia Boulanger's last student), Ellsworth Peterson, Kiyoshi Tamagawa, Mary Carol Warwick, Aubrey Tucker, Marcus Maroney, and Tali Morgulis. I studied music production at Berklee.

     My compositions have been performed at the Moore's School of Music and at the Houston Community College. I have taken on several original song commissions, ran an online "lullaby shop," selling and donating custom-crafting original lullabies, and am currently back to doing philosophy full-time. My current creative project is "musically illustrating" children's stories. I'm always interested in mixed media projects, so please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate. 


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